Propellergirl™ Events

From KAPOW! keynote to interactive full-day to TBD-let’s-create-something-wonderful, your event will be custom crafted to reflect and advance the values and goals of your group.  I stand with one foot firmly planted on pertinent material fine-tuned over decades, the other dancing on extemporaneous discovery, and I’m always looking for the very best for you.
Are you ready? I rock a conference call. Find out for yourself.


The foundation of respect is DISCOVERY.
Hundreds of places.  Thousands of faces.  One quintessential question.
What do you value?
The resounding reply?  RESPECT.
Convert “change management” to “KAPOW!” in this interactive experience focused on shared understanding in a diverse environment, resonant culture, and organizational sustainability.  Create and dedicate loyalties, foster wholehearted personal investment in the outcome of the organization, and establish the collaborative conversations that lead to bold contributions.

#47ThingsILearned – Available on


The antidote for isolation is INTERACTION.
Ninjas are the accessible everyday heroes who have niche expertise and have our back. Ninjas propel us when we need enthusiastic partnership and give us props when we are in the midst of mighty victory.

Know – Unearth the qualities of independent thought, fearless optimism, and organizational agility.
Rely – Value volunteerism, foster collective confidence, and curate a shared experience.
Trust – Leverage expertise, overcome obstacles, and connect with a shared iconography.
Honor – Own your role, cultivate pride in community, and pay it forward.

The Ninja Network.
So Well Trained in What We Do, That We Can Help You.


The fuel for success is LEADERSHIP.
We want to be steady winners in a shifting world full of competition, chaos, communication gaps and no maps. What do we do when we find leadership thrust upon us full throttle?

Contemplation • Collaboration • Momentum • Propulsion

Plot a route and charge up the crew at all levels to recognize and believe in the value of their unique leadership contribution. Leverage specificity of praise and elevate the whole to “systems go” in a dynamic and high-stakes environment. Light up your organization with practical applications that can be installed today and deployed tomorrow. You get it, you got it, go get ‘em.

What people are saying…

“Your connection to human nature and what makes us tick is astounding… your wisdom is extensive and precious.  If everyone in the world read about the forty-seven things that you learned, I think we would live in a much happier place.”
~ Jack Strobel, Student majoring in stress and time management

“She’s the real deal when it comes to making positivity stick and taking customer interactions to the next level.”
~ Chris Last, Department of IT (DoIT) – UW-Madison

“Deena broke though the emotional walls we had built and helped us refocus that energy to building our business instead.  She reached into our souls, and found the emotional passion that was restricting our vision.  We are a now much stronger team that communicates actively.  She took a dusty machine and shined it right up.”
~ Jamison Masters, Owner – Verus Corporation